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26 Dec 2007

new release by Lezet & Protecious : Lezet with Protecious

Lezet is back, and introduces us to his collaborators Protecious, an interesting psychedelic experimental band from the US. The result is a mysterious blend of contemporary classical melody patterns and squirking beats of whom the constructions show a charming fragility.

25 Dec 2007

new release by Komparce : Data Exchange

This young and ambitious 2-man project explores the soundscapes of a freezing winter in Montreal and comes up with a hauntingly beautiful record full of space sensibilities and downtempo laziness. Enjoy now the soothing sounds of Komparce. A very special artwork is contributed by our collaborating graphic designer L0R3NT.

(re)release of Fracture's Bipolarism LP

Fracture's 4th full-length album is finally released on the brilliant french netlabel LEEP Records. An excellent coverart done by soulmate Karim Blachir adds a new flavour to this interesting blend of sweeping arpeggios, noisy guitars and ass-kicking beat constructions. Rediscover one of our most popuar releases along with a netlabel that is definitey different.

Les Enregistrements de l'Europe Parisien (LEEP Records, leep050)

28 Nov 2007

new artist signed : The Chair Listener

(28.11.07) Dive in in the fascinating sound-world of THE CHAIR LISTENER from Bulgaria, SCHNURSTRAX Records' latest signing. Click and cut beats in a cocoon of dreamy blissed-out melodies drenched with a deeply soothing melancholy.

18 Nov 2007

new artist signed : HOPEN

(16.11.07) The skilled and experimented swiss electronica pioneer Hopen chooses SCHNURSTRAX Records for the release of his most recent effort : "Useless Meetings EP". Not useless at all is the exclusive possibility to learn more about this highly talented artist simply by downloading his EP in our release archive or checking his personal site.

9 Nov 2007

new artists signed : The Cherry Blues Project

(09.11.07) Formed in 2001 as a soundart project The Cherry Blues Project was created by two members that use the pseudonymns "Cherry" & "Blues". The music of The Cherry Blues Project involves a lot of styles, scattered throughout their 100 albums, 150 singles and EP's. We are very proud to announce the arrival of these standout pioneers of contemporary experimental music from Buenos Aires. They are releasing one of their latest and most friendly efforts "Rescued EP" on SCHNURSTRAX.

5 Nov 2007

new release by The Tobacco Company : Forever covered by dust

(06.11.07) Back from London, the strange Tobacco Company show on their debut effort why they can easily be considered as one of the most promising experimental ambient projects around. 11 tracks of tape manipulation, shimmering guitar sounds, glitch sounds and deep melodies. Utterly original.

Download it for free here, exclusively on SCHNURSTRAX Records.

15 Oct 2007

new release by Cyclorama : Meeting planets

(15.10.2007) Cyclorama releases his first solo album on SCHNURSTRAX and adds a record full of beauty, personality and psychedelia to our catalogue. At a time where the genre "triphop" fails to re-innovate itself, Cyclorama uses beats and the song writing approach of that mid-nineties bristol based movement, the whole meshed up with guitar noodlings and ambient noises to create a very own interpretation of laidback downtempo music.

listen here..

2 Sep 2007

new release by Company of Big Beats : Serene chaos of audiotopia

Back in 1997, the 2-man outfit Company of Big Beats from the US crafted an masterpiece of postrock and experimental jazz drenched ambient sounds. This record is about a lost period in the mid-90ies industrial Chicago shimmering with some sweet melancholy across the thick and undigestable fog of the modern world. This record is beyond experimentation. This records is a must.

31 Aug 2007

new artists signed : Company of Big Beats

(31.08.07) Ecclectic, creative and with lot of love for the details : Andrew Wrench and Christopher Baxter from the US choosed SCHNURSTRAX Records to publish their first and only lp "Serene Chaos of Audiotopia" recorded between 1995-1999.

26 Aug 2007

6 Aug 2007

new artists signed : Buud Kombat

(06.08.2007) SCHNURSTRAX goes abroad for one more time : the highly talented hiphop project BUUD KOMBAT (engl.: the "children of the family of mankind" in the Mooré language) from Burkina Faso are our first project from Africa. Energetic vocals mixed with a typical african flow that sounds as fresh as the juicy fruits of a sun-bathed mango tree.

new artists signed : Sermeq

(06.08.2007) Close to Cyclorama, Sermeq are responsible for an atmospheric ambient and relaxed triphop sound. They'll publish their latest EP "Silent Hunter" on SCHNURSTRAX.

31 Jul 2007

new artists signed : The Tobacco Company

(31/07/07) The resurrection of a gloomy and surprising act. Avantgarde and trash never understood each other better than in the case of The Tobacco Company. We are proud to announce the beginning of a new era.

27 Jul 2007

Fracture : live in METZ

Saturday 28/07/07 - Elixir Bar, Metz, Lorraine, FRANCE. Come and enjoy Fracture's most recent works. It's gonna be loud!!!

From 20:00 on various life acts like Dog Bless You and djs will bring you in the mood before Fracture kicks off with a massive, psychedelic and rockin' live set. Since it's one of the ELIXIR BAR's last evenings, be prepared to an impressive and extremely hot crowd. An evening powered by our fellows "CHEZ KITO KAT".

16 Jul 2007

new release by Fracture : Bipolarism

Between fire and ice, noisy guitar blasts and sweeping arpeggios, Bipolarism pushes Fracture above the boundaries of contemporary electronica. Check out his new release by clicking on the album cover artwork. Free download !!!

3 Jul 2007

exhibition featuring SCHOCK

Don't know Schock ? Check out some of his works in the framework of a rich and diverse exhibition which should seduce more than one. Don't hesitate, be there!

* click here to get some more information

new artist signed : Schock

(03.07.2007) We introduce the highly talented graphic-artist Schock. His enigmatic works definitely improve the visual aspect of our projects.

18 Jun 2007

new release : Lezet - Annoyance

On his latest EP avantgarde electronica artist Lezet is crossing musical and technological boundaries. "Annoyance" seduces with a richly-textured sound and a poetic ambiance that sounds like a Ryuichi Sakamoto composing lovesongs.

11 Jun 2007


  • discover CYCLORAMA, FRACTURE & SUG(R)CANE live @ Cellula Indietronica Festival Part 2.

    more inormation here

new artist signed : Lezet

(29.05.2007) Serbian avant-garde freeform musician Lezet joins our collective. We are definetly looking forward for his forthcoming release (probably in June 07) on SCHNURSTRAX.

new artists signed : Tvesla

(11.06.2007) Local indie/noise rock heroes join SCHNURSTRAX.

31 May 2007

new artist signed : Sug(r)cane

(31.05.2007) What a big day.. another real institution in the luxembourg-music-scene. Shoegaze electronica pionneer, graphist and video artist Sug(r)cane joins our collective.

new artist signed : Raftside

(30.05.2007) Raftside is a star. Raftside is faster than fashion. Raftside is an institution.
No need to introduce this man. We are very proud to welcome him on Schnurstrax.

22 May 2007

new artist signed : Onde Orange

(22.05.2007) The next artist joining SCHNURSTRAX : the young talented frenchman Onde Orange adds some psychedelic poprock to our spectrum.

21 May 2007

new release

Check out Choc_Oranges latest opus : "HOUSING YOUTH"

new artist signed : Cyclorama

(21.05.2007) we proudly announce our newest member, triphop and ambient specialist Cyclorama from Luxembourg

18 May 2007

new artist signed : Choc_Orange

(18.05.2007) we welcome on board the highly talented and promising illustrationist, abstract electronica musician and graphic designer Choc_Orange from China

10 May 2007

3 new releases at once!

enjoy now exclusively on SCHNURSTRAX Records, Fracture's latest effort "Reshape the Skyline EP", and for the first time online How Do You Get Your Inspiration ?'s 2006 release "ReVolt & ZockerWatt", as well as their most recent "Hairbeared Herbert" LP.

check them out

2 May 2007

Schnurstrax Records at MySpace

To be able to get in touch with a huge number of artists, to enlarge connectivity, to build up a bigger network, we've installed a profile at MySpace.
visit us here

30 Apr 2007

new artist(s) signed : How Do You Get Your Inspiration?

(28.04.2007) After 3 surprising self-produced releases full of psychedelia, kraut- and indierock-references, "How do you get your inspiration?" is joining SCHNURSTRAX records. The duo's omni-present love for improvisation - all the tracks are one-takes - shimmers across the metallic-sounding guitar walls of sound, fragments of cinematic soundscapes glow under crackling click and cuts.

previous releases :
ReVolt & ZockerWatt (04/2006; soon on SCHNURSTRAX Records)
Hairbeared Herbert (02/2007; soon on SCHNURSTRAX Records)
Red moon at the lagoon (livesession) (03/2007)

26 Apr 2007

new artist signed : Lengez

(26.04.07) we are very proud to announce a new collaborator: a video and photographic artist from Luxembourg

25 Apr 2007

search and find new interest(ed/ing) artists

there are no limits. anyone doing some kind of art (photo, music, illustration, writings...) interested in joining SCHNURSTRAX, should just contact us. The only condition is that all the postings should be original and not copied artwork. thanks

24 Apr 2007

first artist signed : Fracture

(24.04.07) - experimental shoegaze electronica, triphop, ambient, idm from Luxembourg