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25 Jan 2008

new artist signed : Adrian Juarez

(25.01.08) We introduce our latest new member, Adrian Juarez from La Plata, Argentina. Discover this highly talented artist who blurs the borders between conventional tango, electroacoustic aural aesthetics and luminiscent ambient soundscapes. Check out his first release on SCHNURSTRAX : O Casoario.

19 Jan 2008

new release by @ : MONOTONOUS

Our first full album effort in 2008 crafted by @ aka At Sign is everything but monotonous. @ still focusses on the development of looped and layered ambient themes reminding of his JC+GK outfit but manages to create a very personal and unique soundworld where the instrumentation remains mostly low-key and atmospheric : quiet drum machines and plinked instruments awash in a psychedelic cloud. The finest moment of this record has to be "G V4" where gorgeous harmonies soaked in echo bump up against each other until they reach a rhythmic, fascinating crescendo. Check out this excellent release and head to our release archive !