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3 Dec 2008

new artist / new release : ExoticModulationSky - Suitable Interval

Welcome our freshest signing : ExoticModulationSky. Unlike most of his pears, this Japanese audio artist knows how to craft enjoyable moody cocoons, which dare to be unique without aching the human ear. By refusing the use of laptops utterly present in the contemporary electronica environment, he manages to communicate and share his very intimate impressions of his often too-busy-to-take-a-breath country of origin and staying at the same time in line with his own personal ambitions.
Please share this particular vision of sound with us and download, listen to and share this thrilling EP.
Download the EP "Suitable Interval"

15 Nov 2008


Be prepared for a brand new website featuring lots of new gimmicks, representing the art and ideology of SCHNURSTRAX Records in a more accurate manner. We are currently working on the design, layout and content.
Any suggestions to the SCHNURSTRAX staff.

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3 Aug 2008

MAY VII. LIVE AT MUDAM (live performance by Cyclorama & The Tobacco Company)

During may 2008, SCHNURSTRAX Records organised 4 evenings in the framework of "Wednesdays at Mudam" - The Museum of Modern Arts in Luxembourg. The splendid glass roof by I.M. Pei offered a perfect surrounding for these luminous and strangely calming array of digital fragments.
Performing experimental electronica 100% live is a challenge, in adding a live guitarist to the set, both of the artists manage to create a very unique form of communication. Underneath endlessly filtered guitars and oscillating synths, barock beauty shines through Cyclorama's guitarplay in these 40 minutes of self-exploration, interaction and randomness. For fans of Fennesz or Tim Hecker, this is a must-have!

new release by LEZET : THREAD

By mixing original soundsources, stranger than strange musique concrète-influenced sampling methods, contemporary classical song constructions, designing process algorithms with the basically different approach of noise and the efforts to do radically new things in what we still call `rock music' with computational resources, this best-of collection makes of Lezet one of our most challenging artists. Even though being arty and intellectual, this music is raw, powerful, and iconoclastic, with a real urgency : express yourself and forget political correctness !

new release by SERMEQ : FOREIGN SPACES

A jubilant return of analogue oldschool ambient : this luxembourg easy listening institution delivers an aery and gloomy piece of laid-back downtempo music. Like in a cinematic soundcollage, barely-decipherible voice samples decently merge with various retro-synths, floating patiently all over some Odissey 2001 groundplans, figuring out what many overbusy europeans might think about endless freedom, isolation and glacial mindscapes. This is definitely sermeq's most consistent work to date.

11 Jul 2008


We are currently working on a relaunch of the site as well as on a new concept for our structure. Feel free to post us any suggestions.
Furthermore we're planning a new event :

LIMC - Luxembourg IndieMusic Conference

get help
have a great night.

More infos to come...

PS: new general contact address :

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3 May 2008

new release by PROTECIOUS : XIMER EP

Recently collaborating with experimental avant-gardist Lezet, who occasionnaly pops in with freeform piano and glitch freakouts, multi-instrumentalist Protecious from the States delivers its first solo output on SCHNURSTRAX Records. This 4 track EP offers a quick overview of his outstanding abilities in mixing funk, krautrock and electronica elements into a warm and ecclectic melange that manages to be beautifully nostalgic, humourously spontanous and almost unbelievably ear-friendly without losing its edge of forward-thinking song constructions. Though tagged as a remix EP this work is enough coherent to convince open-minded listeners of his unbounded creativity.

24 Apr 2008


Project M aka Airstrip One's first output on SCHNURSTRAX is the magnificent Wonderland EP, where he manages to combine laidback ambient athmosperics with glitchy sounds in a remarkably spontaneous and unpretentious way. Close your eyes, dive in and let the lights of your day be slowly dimmed. This EP could easily be the soundtrack of any late night afterparty while displaying enough catching elements to incite you for repeated listenings. Download it here.

5 Apr 2008


What to expect from a band that labels their sound as "avantgarde"? While surely reminding the thousands of pretentious noise makers on the web, HOW DO YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION? remain a very unique and original project, where the concept is as difficult to decipher than their particulary dense and cryptic soundcollages, krautrock inspired freakouts and strange track titles. Xulmbok definitely is their most mature and consistant work, there are almost no fillers and the presence of some really catchy (yeah, seriously) melodies makes this album a nice experience to listen to. Starting with the rhytmic "Ventolin grunge", the postrock vibe of "Météo culturelle" leads us into the warm and soothing "Chrome river". Once you get used to the constantly shifting rhythms, themes and filter settings you may enjoy their refreshing carelessness of Xulmbok. Highlights may be the acid drenched distortion of "Melting pontiac", the click and cuts-filled musique concrète of "Sync rude sin tax" or the deep and relaxing mood of closer "Dust". If you're into challenging and non-conventional sound art, Xulmbok should find a place in your album collection, and maybe in your heart. !

Yeah ! It's finally there. Go, get and discover it here !

28 Mar 2008

new release by @ : MONSTROUS (REMIX EP)

n January 08 irish musician @ (AT SIGN) offered us his debut album "Monotonous" (STRX024) full of luminiscent soundscapes. Now this splendid work sees some of its most captivating moments revisited by several inspired artists. "Monstrous" features the SCHNURSTRAX artists FRACTURE, whose rework of "dpa" includes the latter's typical shoegaze soundscapes full of distorted guitars, THE CHERRY BLUES PROJECT that construct & deconstruct "mtone" to create a lush and challenging aural poetry and finally KOMPARCE who add their typical warm and mellow analog-sounding beats and synths to the same track. This album introduces us some other artists as well, like Joxfield Projex or Nada Zipp from Sweden. Check it out now !

12 Mar 2008


SCHNURSTRAX Records Label Night

get pinked --> 14th march 08 @ d:qliq
more infos here :

featuring the following artists/bands:

08:00 pm : doors

09:00 pm : CYCLORAMA (LUX; triphop, psychedelic rock)

10:15 pm : THE PINK DIAMONDS (FRA; glam, new wave rock)

11:15 pm : THE PINK SQUIRREL PROJECT aka FRACTURE & AIRSTRIP 1 (LUX; Shoegaze bigbeat electro)

00:15 - 03:00 am : ARTABAN DJ SET (LUX; electro)

furthermore there will be video screenings by our artists and some live video performances by SCHOCK.

the entrance fee is 5euro. this is an open event, bring along as many people you want.
our SCHNURSTRAX Records Compilation 07/08 will be available at the dqliq for 10euro.
please don't come too late and don't miss the best part!
You really should discover CYCLORAMA which starts at 9pm !!!! thanks

Special offer from 20:00 to 22:00 : get the SCHNURSTRAX Records Compilation for only 8 euro

please make your RSVP by clicking here:

The SCHNURSTRAX Records Team

12 Feb 2008

new release by Fracture : RADIOTRAUMA EP

(12/02/2008) Things happened since Bipolarism, Fracture's first full lenght release on SCHNURSTRAX. Whereas this album not only remains one of our most downloaded releases, it also symbolized the new aural aesthetics he has opted for. Through several gigs, among other live appearances as a support for the super-hyped german electroclash duo "Digitalism", Fracture has build up a growing fanbase in the Luxembourg electronica environment.

In February 08, RADIOTRAUMA seems like an unexpected gift coming from nowhere. Guitars become more and more present here, thus helping the more mature song structures developping themselves slowly through the broody moods. "Bombay" kicks off with a repetitive and dirty guitar riff that melts into a triphop beat reminiscent of dark-face Tricky, while layers of reverb and distortion add a psychedelic feel. "Oklahoma" is a fast-paced indie rave-up that lets Idioteque-like drum n'bass beats interfer with straight rock drum patterns, while waving arpeggio-synths build up to an exstatic climax. From the the cross-section of hiphop and endlessly noodling guitar vamps of "Indigotin" to the krautrock beats of "Tokyo", Radiotrauma should please both rock and electro fans. Download RADIOTRAUMA here !

25 Jan 2008

new artist signed : Adrian Juarez

(25.01.08) We introduce our latest new member, Adrian Juarez from La Plata, Argentina. Discover this highly talented artist who blurs the borders between conventional tango, electroacoustic aural aesthetics and luminiscent ambient soundscapes. Check out his first release on SCHNURSTRAX : O Casoario.

19 Jan 2008

new release by @ : MONOTONOUS

Our first full album effort in 2008 crafted by @ aka At Sign is everything but monotonous. @ still focusses on the development of looped and layered ambient themes reminding of his JC+GK outfit but manages to create a very personal and unique soundworld where the instrumentation remains mostly low-key and atmospheric : quiet drum machines and plinked instruments awash in a psychedelic cloud. The finest moment of this record has to be "G V4" where gorgeous harmonies soaked in echo bump up against each other until they reach a rhythmic, fascinating crescendo. Check out this excellent release and head to our release archive !