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31 Jul 2007

new artists signed : The Tobacco Company

(31/07/07) The resurrection of a gloomy and surprising act. Avantgarde and trash never understood each other better than in the case of The Tobacco Company. We are proud to announce the beginning of a new era.

27 Jul 2007

Fracture : live in METZ

Saturday 28/07/07 - Elixir Bar, Metz, Lorraine, FRANCE. Come and enjoy Fracture's most recent works. It's gonna be loud!!!

From 20:00 on various life acts like Dog Bless You and djs will bring you in the mood before Fracture kicks off with a massive, psychedelic and rockin' live set. Since it's one of the ELIXIR BAR's last evenings, be prepared to an impressive and extremely hot crowd. An evening powered by our fellows "CHEZ KITO KAT".

16 Jul 2007

new release by Fracture : Bipolarism

Between fire and ice, noisy guitar blasts and sweeping arpeggios, Bipolarism pushes Fracture above the boundaries of contemporary electronica. Check out his new release by clicking on the album cover artwork. Free download !!!

3 Jul 2007

exhibition featuring SCHOCK

Don't know Schock ? Check out some of his works in the framework of a rich and diverse exhibition which should seduce more than one. Don't hesitate, be there!

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new artist signed : Schock

(03.07.2007) We introduce the highly talented graphic-artist Schock. His enigmatic works definitely improve the visual aspect of our projects.