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30 Apr 2007

new artist(s) signed : How Do You Get Your Inspiration?

(28.04.2007) After 3 surprising self-produced releases full of psychedelia, kraut- and indierock-references, "How do you get your inspiration?" is joining SCHNURSTRAX records. The duo's omni-present love for improvisation - all the tracks are one-takes - shimmers across the metallic-sounding guitar walls of sound, fragments of cinematic soundscapes glow under crackling click and cuts.

previous releases :
ReVolt & ZockerWatt (04/2006; soon on SCHNURSTRAX Records)
Hairbeared Herbert (02/2007; soon on SCHNURSTRAX Records)
Red moon at the lagoon (livesession) (03/2007)

26 Apr 2007

new artist signed : Lengez

(26.04.07) we are very proud to announce a new collaborator: a video and photographic artist from Luxembourg

25 Apr 2007

search and find new interest(ed/ing) artists

there are no limits. anyone doing some kind of art (photo, music, illustration, writings...) interested in joining SCHNURSTRAX, should just contact us. The only condition is that all the postings should be original and not copied artwork. thanks

24 Apr 2007

first artist signed : Fracture

(24.04.07) - experimental shoegaze electronica, triphop, ambient, idm from Luxembourg