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28 Mar 2008

new release by @ : MONSTROUS (REMIX EP)

n January 08 irish musician @ (AT SIGN) offered us his debut album "Monotonous" (STRX024) full of luminiscent soundscapes. Now this splendid work sees some of its most captivating moments revisited by several inspired artists. "Monstrous" features the SCHNURSTRAX artists FRACTURE, whose rework of "dpa" includes the latter's typical shoegaze soundscapes full of distorted guitars, THE CHERRY BLUES PROJECT that construct & deconstruct "mtone" to create a lush and challenging aural poetry and finally KOMPARCE who add their typical warm and mellow analog-sounding beats and synths to the same track. This album introduces us some other artists as well, like Joxfield Projex or Nada Zipp from Sweden. Check it out now !

12 Mar 2008


SCHNURSTRAX Records Label Night

get pinked --> 14th march 08 @ d:qliq
more infos here :

featuring the following artists/bands:

08:00 pm : doors

09:00 pm : CYCLORAMA (LUX; triphop, psychedelic rock)

10:15 pm : THE PINK DIAMONDS (FRA; glam, new wave rock)

11:15 pm : THE PINK SQUIRREL PROJECT aka FRACTURE & AIRSTRIP 1 (LUX; Shoegaze bigbeat electro)

00:15 - 03:00 am : ARTABAN DJ SET (LUX; electro)

furthermore there will be video screenings by our artists and some live video performances by SCHOCK.

the entrance fee is 5euro. this is an open event, bring along as many people you want.
our SCHNURSTRAX Records Compilation 07/08 will be available at the dqliq for 10euro.
please don't come too late and don't miss the best part!
You really should discover CYCLORAMA which starts at 9pm !!!! thanks

Special offer from 20:00 to 22:00 : get the SCHNURSTRAX Records Compilation for only 8 euro

please make your RSVP by clicking here:

The SCHNURSTRAX Records Team