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12 Feb 2008

new release by Fracture : RADIOTRAUMA EP

(12/02/2008) Things happened since Bipolarism, Fracture's first full lenght release on SCHNURSTRAX. Whereas this album not only remains one of our most downloaded releases, it also symbolized the new aural aesthetics he has opted for. Through several gigs, among other live appearances as a support for the super-hyped german electroclash duo "Digitalism", Fracture has build up a growing fanbase in the Luxembourg electronica environment.

In February 08, RADIOTRAUMA seems like an unexpected gift coming from nowhere. Guitars become more and more present here, thus helping the more mature song structures developping themselves slowly through the broody moods. "Bombay" kicks off with a repetitive and dirty guitar riff that melts into a triphop beat reminiscent of dark-face Tricky, while layers of reverb and distortion add a psychedelic feel. "Oklahoma" is a fast-paced indie rave-up that lets Idioteque-like drum n'bass beats interfer with straight rock drum patterns, while waving arpeggio-synths build up to an exstatic climax. From the the cross-section of hiphop and endlessly noodling guitar vamps of "Indigotin" to the krautrock beats of "Tokyo", Radiotrauma should please both rock and electro fans. Download RADIOTRAUMA here !