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12 Sep 2010

pretty cool news to share

We proudly announce the release of these promising freshly-formed local obscurities :

plankton waves

biography walking the dark edge of new wave, plankton waves tell heathen stories of modern times and compose soundtracks to twilight dreams. each song reveals another facet to their very own universe in which they explore the autumn side of electronic music. shy but dancy, gloomy but shiny, their live performances are an intense presentation of extroverted introversion.

band members:

helena dyboek : voice, guitar
ole sandström : guitar, bass, synths


“unduriel” (ep) released 8th of october 2010 on schnurstrax records / songs for ben

upcoming shows:

sep 17 2010, 8:00p : dqliq luxembourg
sep 18 2010, 8:00p : prabbeli : wiltz
oct 8 2010, 8:00p : exit07 : luxembourg
dec 17 2010, 8:00p : dqliq : luxembourg
dec 18 2010, 10:00p : café rocas luxembourg