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31 May 2007

new artist signed : Sug(r)cane

(31.05.2007) What a big day.. another real institution in the luxembourg-music-scene. Shoegaze electronica pionneer, graphist and video artist Sug(r)cane joins our collective.

new artist signed : Raftside

(30.05.2007) Raftside is a star. Raftside is faster than fashion. Raftside is an institution.
No need to introduce this man. We are very proud to welcome him on Schnurstrax.

22 May 2007

new artist signed : Onde Orange

(22.05.2007) The next artist joining SCHNURSTRAX : the young talented frenchman Onde Orange adds some psychedelic poprock to our spectrum.

21 May 2007

new release

Check out Choc_Oranges latest opus : "HOUSING YOUTH"

new artist signed : Cyclorama

(21.05.2007) we proudly announce our newest member, triphop and ambient specialist Cyclorama from Luxembourg

18 May 2007

new artist signed : Choc_Orange

(18.05.2007) we welcome on board the highly talented and promising illustrationist, abstract electronica musician and graphic designer Choc_Orange from China

10 May 2007

3 new releases at once!

enjoy now exclusively on SCHNURSTRAX Records, Fracture's latest effort "Reshape the Skyline EP", and for the first time online How Do You Get Your Inspiration ?'s 2006 release "ReVolt & ZockerWatt", as well as their most recent "Hairbeared Herbert" LP.

check them out

2 May 2007

Schnurstrax Records at MySpace

To be able to get in touch with a huge number of artists, to enlarge connectivity, to build up a bigger network, we've installed a profile at MySpace.
visit us here