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3 Aug 2008

MAY VII. LIVE AT MUDAM (live performance by Cyclorama & The Tobacco Company)

During may 2008, SCHNURSTRAX Records organised 4 evenings in the framework of "Wednesdays at Mudam" - The Museum of Modern Arts in Luxembourg. The splendid glass roof by I.M. Pei offered a perfect surrounding for these luminous and strangely calming array of digital fragments.
Performing experimental electronica 100% live is a challenge, in adding a live guitarist to the set, both of the artists manage to create a very unique form of communication. Underneath endlessly filtered guitars and oscillating synths, barock beauty shines through Cyclorama's guitarplay in these 40 minutes of self-exploration, interaction and randomness. For fans of Fennesz or Tim Hecker, this is a must-have!

new release by LEZET : THREAD

By mixing original soundsources, stranger than strange musique concrète-influenced sampling methods, contemporary classical song constructions, designing process algorithms with the basically different approach of noise and the efforts to do radically new things in what we still call `rock music' with computational resources, this best-of collection makes of Lezet one of our most challenging artists. Even though being arty and intellectual, this music is raw, powerful, and iconoclastic, with a real urgency : express yourself and forget political correctness !

new release by SERMEQ : FOREIGN SPACES

A jubilant return of analogue oldschool ambient : this luxembourg easy listening institution delivers an aery and gloomy piece of laid-back downtempo music. Like in a cinematic soundcollage, barely-decipherible voice samples decently merge with various retro-synths, floating patiently all over some Odissey 2001 groundplans, figuring out what many overbusy europeans might think about endless freedom, isolation and glacial mindscapes. This is definitely sermeq's most consistent work to date.