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5 Apr 2008


What to expect from a band that labels their sound as "avantgarde"? While surely reminding the thousands of pretentious noise makers on the web, HOW DO YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION? remain a very unique and original project, where the concept is as difficult to decipher than their particulary dense and cryptic soundcollages, krautrock inspired freakouts and strange track titles. Xulmbok definitely is their most mature and consistant work, there are almost no fillers and the presence of some really catchy (yeah, seriously) melodies makes this album a nice experience to listen to. Starting with the rhytmic "Ventolin grunge", the postrock vibe of "Météo culturelle" leads us into the warm and soothing "Chrome river". Once you get used to the constantly shifting rhythms, themes and filter settings you may enjoy their refreshing carelessness of Xulmbok. Highlights may be the acid drenched distortion of "Melting pontiac", the click and cuts-filled musique concrète of "Sync rude sin tax" or the deep and relaxing mood of closer "Dust". If you're into challenging and non-conventional sound art, Xulmbok should find a place in your album collection, and maybe in your heart. !

Yeah ! It's finally there. Go, get and discover it here !

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