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3 Aug 2008

MAY VII. LIVE AT MUDAM (live performance by Cyclorama & The Tobacco Company)

During may 2008, SCHNURSTRAX Records organised 4 evenings in the framework of "Wednesdays at Mudam" - The Museum of Modern Arts in Luxembourg. The splendid glass roof by I.M. Pei offered a perfect surrounding for these luminous and strangely calming array of digital fragments.
Performing experimental electronica 100% live is a challenge, in adding a live guitarist to the set, both of the artists manage to create a very unique form of communication. Underneath endlessly filtered guitars and oscillating synths, barock beauty shines through Cyclorama's guitarplay in these 40 minutes of self-exploration, interaction and randomness. For fans of Fennesz or Tim Hecker, this is a must-have!

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